Sustainable Development

in South India

The project Toranam aims at helping farmers to mitigate and adapt to climate change using sustainable agroforestry and alternative marketing strategies, while raising environmental awareness and promoting green energy.


Many small-scale farmers in India are heavily affected by the negative effects of climate change and pressure from large agro-chemical corporations. They face a hopeless situation, the burden of debt has driven thousands of smallholders into suicide, leaving families without any perspective.


Our project is based in Madanapalle, South India. As agriculture is the main economic activity in this semi-arid region which is strongly impacted by global climate change, we focus on promoting alternative agricultural and sustainability practices. However sustainable development cannot be guaranteed by compiling the best solutions and practices alone. It must be accepted and held up by the locals who are the ones to implement the changes in the region through long-term management. Therefore, close engagement with local small-scale farmers and building the community’s knowledge by environmental education are vital. Lastly, to add more values to the primary agriculture commodities, empower farmers with fair trade benefits and self-sustain the project, we also work on green business entrepreneurship.

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Local farmer
Planting the first trees
Papaya and horsegram
Discussion and project planning
Farmers at work
Soil analyses at the project site
Sunset at the project site
Survey with local farmers


To go fast, go alone; to go far, go together.

Your support will help us enable more farmers to adopt agroforestry, build a local nursery, plant more trees on our demonstration farm site, organize more environmental education workshops, and more.

Make a Donation

For each 1€ we can plant one tree on our agroforestry demonstration site or on farmer's land. For 100€ we can set up a whole agroforestry plot on farmer's land.


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