Job openings

Currently we have the following volunteering opportunities available:

Agroforestry Curator

We need help to build up the agroforestry demonstartion site. Tasks can include

  • planting and watering the saplings

  • nurturing with organic manur

  • showing visitors around and educating about agroforestry

  • helping conduct environmental workshops

  • documentation.of the project

You should have a passion for/ interest in ecological agriculture and be ready to do some physical work as well as to communicate with people.

Rainwater Harvesting Technician

The Rainwater Harvesting Technician will be responsible for designing and building compact and user friendly structures with low operating and maintenance costs. He or she will be interested in transferring techniques to others in neighboring villages to set up similar structures. The technician should be able to study and understand aspects like  catchment, transportation,  first flush and filtering appropriate to local scenario. A minimun stay of 1 month is required for this position.


  • Degree in civil engineering will be an advantage;

  • Proficiency in English, willingness to learn Telugu will be an advantage;

  • Cultural sensitivity and demonstrated understanding of developing countries.


Environmental Educator

We plan events, activities, and programs to educate the next generation about environmental issues and how they can help. The role of Environmental Educator includes  developing curricula, schedule, and other logistics. We engage in promoting and publicizing programs such as creating web pages, newsletters, and fliers promoting programs and resources. We do fundraising activities and require support in collecting and analyzing data to assess program success. 

The Environmental Educator uses media and technology, pictures, presentations and other materials to pass information and enthusiasm to interested members of the local communities as well as visitors. The goal is not only to advance environmental knowledge in the general public and amongst stakeholders, but to help stakeholders assess and inquire from an environmental perspective. A minimum stay of 3 weeks is required for this position.


Analyze and interpret data obtained from literature reviews, research, and sample findings, imagery, and computer model predictive data and:

  • Explain and illustrate how the environmental events or trends in question may impact the earth, and human or animal populations;

  • Communicate lessons to stakeholders on environmental situations or environmental trends according to the scope of the course. Examples may include climate change, watershed protection, or recycling and composting;

  • Develop curriculum-based resources and provide support for other educators;

  • Facilitate discussions between differing interests in order to enrich course offerings with cross-disciplinary perspectives and understanding;

  • Develop feedback plans and programs.

  • A bachelor's degree in environmental science, environmental studies, geography, ecology, or any related area.  Previous experience by volunteering for conservation organizations, parks, or summer camps will be an advantage.