Movement for Rural Emancipation

Movement for Rural Emancipation (MORE) has been working with local communities and different groups in the Madanapalle region for more than 30 years. Until the year 2013, the focus was mainly on working with people with special needs. But in the last 4 years, MORE aimed its focus at projects concerning environmental protection, the reason being incremental consumption in India that is causing environmental issues such as air pollution, water pollution and depletion of natural resources.

MORE works with local communities and economies that have fallen by the wayside as economic globalization has become a dominant force. We encourage children, youth and women to use organic-regenerative products and methodologies that will lead them to an improved lifestyle. Indiscriminate consumption is causing environmental issues such as air pollution, water pollution and depletion of natural resources. This has led to health issues and negative impact on rural livelihoods. Agricultural land is suffering from degradation and small farmers are being forced out of their organic practices. Children and youth lack an organic way of life in terms of their eating habits, education, recreation and choices in career.

MORE works with local schools, colleges, government departments, business houses and other organizations to help harmonize human activities with the environment. We tap knowledge and technologies that propagate renewable energy within communities and regenerate soils, forests and watercourses. Currently we work on promoting organic products and researching on renewable energy.


Organic Products: MORE works with agencies like Girijana Cooperative Corporation of Andhra Pradesh and Desi Uttan Associates in Bangalore to bring organic products within the range of middle class families in rural and semi urban areas. Our aim is to steer ahead the way for organic living as an indispensible part of people’s lifestyle while creating awareness about healthy living for all. Our efforts received recognition not only from the growing consumers but also when we received our 1st round of funding in 2016, supporting our vision to march ahead. We spread ideas on natural ways to live healthy and natural remedies in all realms of lifestyle in order to discover happiness.


Renewable Energy: MORE is committed to renewable energy as it mitigates climate change and brings economic benefits to all. We would like to be part of any research and development on collecting energy from renewable resources such as sunlight, wind, water etc. Electrification with renewable energy is much more efficient and suited to rural and remote areas as the grid will get cleaner. In transportation electric vehicles produce zero emissions. MORE promotes electric vehicles because they are not only environment friendly but also because they provide a level of comfort and ease of operation that is not achieved by those propelled by fossil fuel based combustion. We encourage community members to adopt renewable energy for modes of transport and other mechanization.