Founder, Project Management

Monja is an environmental planner and is responsible for the agroforestry concepts on the demonstration farm and  for the smallholders, as well as for developing a sustainable value chain for produce from the farmer's cooperative. She has worked on dryland agriculture in Portugal and Kenya before and currently works for Toranam project next to a job in the sustainable building sector.


Founder, Project Management

Franziska is in charge of the project coordination and management. She studied Geography and Environmental Planning and Ecological Engineering and started working with NGOs in Cameroon and India on environmental projects in 2013.


Green Energy & Mobility, Marketing

Barghav Aluganti is passionate about green energy and environmentally friendly mobility as well as marketing for ecologically grown produce. He is responsible for developing a stable market for the goods produced from organic agroforestry as well as for seizing new sustainable business opportunities and partnerships.


Site Manager MRC

Sagar has been working with MORE for more than 10 years. He is now our site manager and responsible for all tasks that have to be carried out at the project site. Sagar is very interested in organic agriculture and loves reading.