is a dialect of the word “Thoranam”, which are hanging decorations in Telugu – the local language of Madanapalle where our project is based. The “Toranam” are originally made of leaves and often presented in festive occasions. Taking that spirit, we hope to deliver the message of trees’ importance in human’s life, and that a sustainable use and management of trees can bring us resilience, wealth and happiness.

Vulnerability to climate change
Climate change has a negative impact on this arid area with increasingly absent rainfalls. Extreme heat, dry soil and water shortage reduce crop productivity and demand more resources. We propose agroforestry as a potential climate change adaptation solution.

We are committed to help farmers and the local community achieve
climate resilient agriculture and
sustainable development
by bringing them
the right tools and support.

The local community tends to follow the market in terms of crop selection and production methods. However, Toranam project is bringing innovative approach which is self-sustaining and empowers the farmers to follow indigenous practices.

- Sai Bhargav, Project Coordinator in Madanapalle


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